It is important our 4kTv customers are able to get the answers they'll need when they need them. 4KTv was built with the customer in mind, get answers to your questions with our prompt and courteous customer support when ever you feel the need. We really want to help! Once installed all future subscriptions will be done on our end.

won't Connect

1. Passwords are case sensitive 2. Password Is Wrong 3. Check WIFI Connection 4. Are You Logged Into More Devices That Are On Your Plan calls for?

User error

Fact is 90 percent of the support issues are wrong passwords, the letter l gets mistaken for the number 1 , ext.. double check and take your time. You only have the enter your login details one time . When you re-order we do it on our end. Don't get frustrated.

Unknown sources

Fire stick owners you will have to give permission to install apps from unknown sources. Many times watching a you tube video is the best way to learn, there are thousands of great tutorial videos available, use them. l

Check Your Junk

Can't tell you how many times we have been called crooks because there login details never arrived, only to be found sitting in there junk/ spam folder. Trust me it is very common, don't be that person, just look.

Still Having Issues, Were Here To Help, Really It's Our Job