Test your internet speeds with our simple speed test below. Having a fast WiFi service provider will greatly increase your stream quality. Often times you can upgrade your internet speeds for around 10 bucks a month. That is still a fraction of the cost of cable TV. Take the test and see how you can improve your internet speeds down below.

How Fast Does Your Internet Need To Be To Watch Our Service In H-D ?

We recommend your internet connection be between 5 and 7Mbps anything over 7 Mbps will allow for a smooth experience without any interruptions.

How Fast Does Your Internet Need To Be To Watch In 4K ?

  • Minimum internet speed suggested – 25+ Mb/s
  • But there are hundreds of H-D channels if you don’t have the 4K requirements so the picture is still amazing

How To Improve Your WiFi Speed

The above 4ktv Speed Test should be used on the device that you will be streaming from so you will want to measure the actual speed of the device.

If you’re using a Android TV Box, Fire Stick or Nvidia Shield etc. you can access this 4ktv speed test through a browser on your device.

Use Ethernet Connection When Available

If you can connect to your router via Ethernet cable instead of WiFi, this will create a much more reliable connection.

Position Your Wireless Router  Properly

Your router should be placed in a location that is central to your home.  This will ensure that all rooms will receive the best coverage possible.

If you have a larger home, you should consider upgrading your router.

Don’t Conceal Your WiFi Device

If you’re connecting by WiFi, your device should be placed in an area that isn’t blocked by large obstructions.

Try to place your device in an area that will receive a good signal from your router.

Reboot Your Hardware

If you’re having issues with your Internet connection try unplugging power to your cable/dsl modem, router, and streaming device for 10 minutes, plug back in and try again.  This will reset your network and fix many problems that you may be having.

Cut The Cord

If your Intrenet is 5 and 7Mbps your good to go