Install All 4KTV APK’s With Just One Code And Learn How to Enable The Browser On The Troypoint AFTNEWS Downloader App, Allowing For Easy Downloading Of Your Apk files And Web Surfing On-to and from  Your Amazon Streaming Devices. Quickly And Stress Free IPTV. 

4K TV Filelinked code

59717865 Install 4K TV Apps From One Code
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How to enable the web browser on the downloader app check out  

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The following instructions will let you quickly install 4K TV App service onto your Amazon Fire Stick and TV using FileLinked. Android TV Boxes You will also learn how to enable the browser function on the Downloader app from Troy over at Troypoint . Mi Box and Nvidia Shield  owners we will show you how to use the browser function on the Downloader App if it isn’t enabled at this time, due to Google . This browser will also allow you to simply type our’s as well as other APK URL’s into the Downloader App and download   Apk files and surf the web.  

The following instructions will let you quickly install FileLinked for Fire TV and Firestick. If you have not done so go ahead and download the Downloader App and pick up from the tutorial wherever you may be. NOTE you will need to create and or sign into your Amazon account before you can install apps onto your fire stick.  

  1. Now you will need to go to the menu and click on Settings and now
  2. Select My Fire TV or Device, then go ahead and 
  3. Click “Developer Options” then simply
  4. Select “Turn On” O.K now let’s 
  5. Go back to the Home Screen of your fire TV and click “Search”. Now you will 
  6. Type “Downloader”, in-to the search box were looking for the downloader app, you should see at the bottom of the page “Downloader” if you have done the steps above correctly. Now go ahead and  
  7. Click on “Downloader App” and 
  8. Select “Download” this will only work if you are signed into your Amazon account. O.K are you ready? Go on and  
  9. Click “Open” then I need you to
  10. Select “Allow” and then just
  11. Click on “Ok” you’re almost done, let’s get the 4k Apps all from one place, just

Go to the address bar on the Downloader App and type in  ” NOTE TYPE IT JUST AS YOU SEE, MUST BE entered 

  1. O.K just click “Go” this will instal the filelinked app, so go ahead and  
  2. Select “Install” and now
  3. Click “Done”
  4. Your screen should return to “Downloader” so you can click on this option to remove the file completely, you will want to delete the file, you don’t need to keep it, so 
  5. Select “Delete” Yea Baby!! You did it!! 
  6. Go back to Fire TV home screen and go to “Your Apps and Games”
  7. Scroll to the right and select “See All” now find the FileLinked icon
  8. Select “Options”
  9. Click “Move to Front” so you can find it. Enter our Code  59717865 you should now see the 4K TV Apk’s there are two, one is based on the Smarters Pro, you can install them both and decide which one you like best. The other App is based on the XCIPTV App, it also allows for 4 screens to be watched at once, NOTE IT WILL ONLY SHOW FOUR IF YOU HAVE THE 4 DEVICE PLAN.
  10. Enter the username and password found in your client area when you signed up, also there is a emailed that contains the details as well, remember to always check your spam folders.