You can pay with cash app!! Download cash app send to $4ktvapp or our email [email protected]  Use this code  NDMJMBD and you will get $5 in cashback. Order as usual and Only Add Your Name In The Notes When Sending.  Once We Verify Your Payment We Remove The Pending Staus And The Rest Is ... Read More »

2nd Mar 2020
All New Service Streams Are Now Active

All new streams are active, current customers simply refresh your channels to receive them. The channels with no letter at the end are our main feeds. (b) is our current backup provider. (c) is another provider that we are now using that carries more channels and will probably end up replacing (b).     We have also added about 600 ... Read More »

27th Jan 2020
Download Apps And Access Windows And Mac Players

This is where you'll find some important downloads, like Windows player for watching on the computer, and the Mac player. Youll also find our app and some more recommended apps for our clients. Go check out our Downloads Page Just Click Here

9th Dec 2019
Happy Holidays!!

We are constantly looking at ways to make the process easier and faster, I hope everyone is enjoying the service and has a blessed holiday season!!


29th Nov 2019
We Are Back Up And Selling Our Service Plans

Sorry for the inconvenience, we sold out much quicker than we anticipated, but we are able to fill your orders again. Thank You for making us a success, we truly appreciate your business. 

24th Nov 2019
We Are Sold Out Until Our Supplier Returns Our Email In A Few Hours

Due to the time zone difference, I will assume our supplier has finally decided to get some sleep, as soon as he sees the order we will have monthly plans back up. In the meantime please sign up for a free trial, and hopefully, we can get back to business in a few hours, it is 7:22 CST. 

I do apologize.

24th Nov 2019
Proper Settings For Best Results

Please go into your settings on the app, and make sure you select MPEGTS for the Stream type. And Update the contents on a daily basis. You should also clear your cache every day or so. Most devices have very small memory due to the size restraints,  this will allow for the best results.

21st Nov 2019
If You Wish To Have Categories Removed Place A Ticket

Don't wish to have certain categories such as the UK Sports or NHL Package Or whatever you wish, please contact our support dept and we can remove them. This will allow for less shuffling through your channels, and speed up the load times.

21st Nov 2019
Server Has Been Updated All Good

The Maintenance has completed all is well again, PLEASE CONTACT IF ANY ISSUES ARISE!!

Thank You For Your Patience!!


16th Nov 2019
* Server Status 11/15/2019 7:44 CST

This is the email I received from my tech team, we are restoring the DataBase It's a large file so should be done soon. Sorry for all the issues this evening. Please note they are in the UK and I am in the states, so bear with them it may be late evening there.
You now know what I know. Sorry, hope to be back very soon.

16th Nov 2019