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Cord Cutting Is More Popular Than Ever

Stop paying hundreds of dollars a year in cable bills, that only go up all the time for no valid reason. Your cable company thinks you have no options, but with 4K TV App  you do. Every channel you thought you could not afford we bring them to you. Nearly all streaming in HD or UHD quality. 

We are constantly making strides to improve our service. If you have a channel suggestion, bring it to us. We offer around the clock customer service. We are focusing on USA customers and offering the biggest channel selection to our US and Canadian customers. We also carry one of the largest International PKG available. 4K TV App has Free trials and instant access.

 immediate access and month to month no credit cards required 7 day guarantee included

NOTE: We are a low-risk, high-quality sleep easy media provider, we only do month to month plans backed by 7-day cash back guarantees and professional support. Built for our friends and family and now open to the public for a limited time.


Sports lovers, watch any team you want. Movie lovers, stop missing the ones you wanted to see.  Now get 4 connections for just $20.00 dollars!! First time streamers can enjoy TV like never before with traditional cable services, and long time streamers can compare our service to there current provider for free 

Custom Smarters Pro- One Screen

Custom XCIPTV Pro-Multi Screen

When we decided to start our own streaming service, it wasn't to be the biggest provider and making money was the furthest thing from our minds. In fact, it was only supposed to be for friends,  family and those who said we couldn't do it. In many ways, it still is, your welcome to join the family, the trials are free and the streams are solid. Built with passion never driven by greed, Have a Blessed Day!

  2. Type “Downloader”, search for downloader at the bottom of the page and select “Downloader”
  3. Click on “Downloader App”
  4. Select “Download”
  5. Click “Open”
  6. Select “Allow”
  7. Click on “Ok”
  8. Go to the address bar and type in
  9. Type in 59717865

Android TV Boxes such as NVIDIA Shield And MI Box can easily install by going to the Read Tutorial